Looking for UK Clothing Manufacturers?

Confidence Manufacturing is one of the UK’s leading apparel manufacturers, producing garments of the best quality. We offer a full scale manufacturing result, proudly supporting fashion startups, small apparel brands.

Low order quantity

Confidence Manufacturing offers the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) in the UK for fully custom clothing, from 50pcs per design. Each garment is made to order and fully customisable at any quantity.

  • Perfect for small businesses and start-up clothing brands
  • UK based clothing manufacturers, competitively priced with a global supply chain

High quality clothing

All clothes we manufacture are cut, stitched and finished by hand. We implement a four stage quality control procedure to ensure each item of clothing we produce meets the high standards of our customers.

  • Perfect for small businesses and start-up clothing brands
  • UK based clothing manufacturers, competitively priced with a global supply chain

Fully customisable clothing

With full creative control over your designs, take advantage of our many customisation options. These include various fabrics, embroidery, print, sublimation, fit and finishing options such as labels and buttons, helping you turn your clothing concepts into reality.

Manufacturing process – how it works

Every garment we produce is custom made to the requirements of the customer, so we have developed a standard process which is applied to all orders. Other UK based clothing manufacturers may only work from tech packs, but we can help get designs production ready, guiding you through each step.

Pre production

The process begins with your idea. We guide you through the stages of making your concept a reality.

  • View and trial your designs digitally in 3D to get them production ready

Pattern development

Patterns for your clothing are developed using custom dimensions or sizing references.

  • Fit replication, pattern cutting and grading included as standard

Fabric sourcing

Fabric is sourced or produced per order to meet your requirements for composition, handfeel and budget.

  • Optional pantone dyeing to meet brand design and colour specifications

Prototypes & sampling

Each order includes a prototype for approval, allowing you to refine your design before we commence bulk manufacture.

  • A sample of each design is included for free with every order

Bulk manufacturing

Clothing manufacturing takes place on our production line, with your approved specifications forming the basis for bulk.

  • All garments are handmade in bulk to the highest quality in our factory

Quality check

We implement a 4 stage quality check process, with each item checked by an operative to identify and rectify any rare defects.

  • After QC, clothing is shipped from our factory to your address in the UK or overseas

Clothing gallery

As specialist clothing manufacturers for start up fashion brands in the UK, we understand you might need some inspiration. Our gallery shows a small selection of streetwear, casual clothing and other items we can produce for your clothing brand. All garments are created to your specifications, including fabrics, sizing and customisation.